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Consider the possibilities.

Many of the sculptures presented in this collection are finished medium-sized sculptures that have been created with the ability to be realized in various spatial dimensions. Their potential for expanded versions in scale, from a medium indoor size, to a range from large to monumental outdoor environments, can be developed by the artist, in response to:

                                                ·A collector's particular needs
                                                ·An architect's vision of sight
                                                ·Context of a public placement
                                                ·Functioning of a corporate setting
                                                ·Diverse gallery and museum milieu.

                                                 Imagine the possible. 
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Artist Statement

Metaphors, symbols, the material world, the collective unconscious and the spiritual realm generate the sources in which I investigate images with which the viewer can interact. Because my work presents composites of different views or visual counterpoints within each three-dimensional form, the viewer is offered many parts or ideas within the integrated whole. Everything in the manifest universe seems to be a complexity of oneness, and this observation is reflected in my work as a sculptor of recombined forms and images of a recognizable but unknown structure.

With nature as my mentor, I have sought to recreate a new and personal world of forms, which provides the vehicle to express different ideas, viewpoints and feelings. In reality, I work to create an understanding of existence, or consciousness. In addition to this faceted vision, I offer the viewer a chance to find something of their own in looking at my work. It might be a comparison to a real, living object, a particular feeling, an inner connection or an intuitive knowing. Whatever the interpretation  may be, my sculptures were realized by way of and for the human psyche. My intention is that some form of human relationship and resonating Spirit can be found within them.